We move those who drive entrepreneurship in vulnerable communities

This conviction is what drives us to promote entrepreneurship as an essential tool in the fight against poverty and as a fundamental stimulus for social progress.

And we materialize our mission by offering free courses and training, conducting studies and research on the Brazilian microentrepreneurship scenario, and providing consultancy to companies from various sectors.

It is through these activities that we collaborate in the co-creation of products and services that not only generate social impact but also strengthen entrepreneurship in our country.

Moreover, we, at the Entrepreneurial Alliance, recognize that in the reality of micro and small entrepreneurs, opportunities are like bridges, but regrettably, not everyone has the privilege of walking over them.

This is because many of them face economic, social, and cultural barriers that prevent them from achieving their business dreams.

Knowing this, the Entrepreneurial Alliance remains firm in its purpose: we want to create a world where support and courage are the foundation for seeing these entrepreneurs’ dreams come to life.

For 18 years, we have been driving this audience through the promotion of inclusion and socio-economic development, establishing partnerships with companies, governments, social organizations, and everyone interested in the cause.

At our core is the commitment to offer support, training, and valuable connections to this audience.

Such assistance translates into more than just business growth.

For them, it means increased income, an expanded clientele, and a tangible improvement in the quality of life, not just for themselves but for their families and communities.

The result of all this is security and stability for those who previously lived amidst constant uncertainties with their jobs.

And the impact of these actions extends far beyond the individual scope. By moving them, we can observe true economic and social development in each community where these entrepreneurs operate.

This is because the power of a small entrepreneur is something striking and remarkable.

And for us, at the Entrepreneurial Alliance, witnessing these stories of resilience, overcoming, and determination is something that inspires and drives our work.

But more powerful than just being a spectator of these transformations is actively participating in this process.

This is where we invite you to join us.

The Entrepreneurial Alliance catalyzes change, and with your support, we can go even further.

Join us to move those who move entrepreneurship in Brazil

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